Amazing Okinawa accommodation pictures

Okinawa Island (沖 縄 本 島 Okinawa-Hontō) is the largest of the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, with an area of 1,201.03 square kilometers, where the city of Naha, capital of Okinawa prefecture is located.

On the island six Gusuku ruins, typical strengths of the culture of Okinawa, which have been declared World Heritage Site by Unesco are located.


Southern Okinawa end consists mainly of high coral reefs, and limestone, easily eroded, it has formed many caves and caverns, of which the most famous is Gyokusendo (Tamagusuku), which has a length of about 850 m open to tourist visits.



In Okinawa Honto there are hundreds of beaches, some easily accessible, others a little more hidden.

The Ryukyu islands are covered with beautiful beaches ranging from the large resorts to the perectas public beaches. Some beaches of Okinawa also have a rare type of sand, the “star sand” but all sure we’ll find banks of white sand and crystal clear waters.