Visiting Vietnam is now easier than ever

Travel to Asia, discover new and unknown territories, cultures, cuisines and traditions. Everything an adventurous traveller can dream of!

Some of the most popular destinations nowadays include the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan (our main subject), the classic and ever-surprising China, the exotic islands of the Philippines and traditional Vietnam, where the main cultural focus of the country is centered on humanity(nhân nghia) and harmony (hòa).

Such cultural values, in combination with crystal clear beaches, white sands, gorgeous mountains and wild nature, giving birth to incredible national cuisine that is considered one of the healthiest in the world, have been the focus of foreign travellers for years.

In recent times, some of the most keen visitors of this magical country are U.S. citizens, always eager to travel the world and discover literally everything there is to discover.

In this article we have prepared some essential traveling tips, that can serve as guideline to all U.S. nationals, planning to visit Vietnam.

Let’s begin:

When preparing for a trip to Vietnam, U.S. citizens are highly recommended to read the following two fundamental facts about Vietnam visa to make sure they will not encounter any problems with their visa when entering Vietnam.

Fact 1: All U.S. citizens are required to have valid Vietnam visa


There is no visa exemption agreement between the U.S. and Vietnam, which means all American citizens are required to obtain a valid visa before each travel to Vietnam. Remember to apply for a visa before you leave. Otherwise, your entry to Vietnam will be refused.

Fact 2: There are two ways for U.S. citizens to get a visa for Vietnam

American citizens can apply for a Vietnam visa quite easily as now there are two ways for them to go about with this matter:
1. Apply for a visa at a Vietnam embassy in the U.S.
2. Apply for Vietnam visa upon arrival

About visa at a Vietnam Embassy in the U.S.

The procedure to get a visa for Vietnam via the embassy may vary from embassy to embassy. However, following is the general procedure:

  1. Submit your visa application documents in person, by mail or through an authorized representative. Such documents may include:
    1. A completed visa application form (must be downloaded from the website of the embassy where you will file your visa application)
    2. Original passport (with six months validity from date of return)
    3. One (1) ID photo (in color)
    4. Flight booking
    5. Proof of payment of the visa fee
  2. Get your passport back with a full visa already stamped on it.

If you decide to proceed with this option, the whole procedure may take between three and five business days, and you must directly contact the embassy for detailed visa fee as it is not announced on any official website of the embassy. However, the advantage of this option is that it provides support to all travelers to Vietnam.

About Vietnam Visa upon arrival

Unlike applying for a visa through the Vietnam Embassy, obtaining one upon arrival supports those traveling to Vietnam by air only. Therefore, do not apply for this kind of visa if you plan to travel to Vietnam by bus or cruise ship.

One significant advantage of this kind of visa is that the application can be made online, so it does not require you to make a physical submission of your application nor to send your original passport. Another advantage is that the online application fees are clearly specified on the web platforms of such service providers.


Following is a brief guide on obtaining a visa upon arriving in Vietnam:

  1. Complete the online Vietnam visa application form and make the service fee payment
    2. Get visa approval letter within two business days
    3. Get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport

When making an online visa application, you will need to pay two kinds of fees:

  1. Service fee: to be paid online to the online travel agent for processing your visa application with the Immigration Department and sending the visa approval letter to your registered email
    2. Stamping fee: to be paid in case at landing visa counter in Vietnam airport to get visa stamped

You can refer to regarding more detailed information about visa fees upon arrival provided by – a reliable service provider for online Vietnam visa applications with a lot of great reviews from their clients.